If you are an individual looking to build a new home or a contractor looking to build a new housing development, CF Design Ltd in Duluth, MN has what it takes to get the job done right. Our team of home design specialists will work directly with you to put together home design plans based on your specifications.

The Process

We understand that many people have not experienced working with a design professional. We believe that the design process is one of collaboration and commitment from all parties. We will ask a lot of questions and challenge conventional thinking at times. We will wonder aloud. Perhaps the most important first step in any design process is to translate our collective first impressions, preconceptions about functions and space, and our understanding of your needs, desires, and restrictions, into a very real, very buildable Schematic Design. It is no small task to turn a combination of abstract ideas, room lists, and functional needs into a real building, but it is necessary in order to begin a critical and ongoing development of our project. While our first solution will probably not meet all of your expectations, it will be rich in ideas and loaded with future discussions and commentary, which will form the basis of our developing project together. We work with paper drawings, some 3d computer modeling, and actual physical models, for clarity.  CF Design ltd. will also provide support in choosing and specifying the materials you will use during the course of construction, as we have extensive materials libraries and samples. We can even assist in finding the right contractor to complete the job and monitor the construction process, if desired.