The design process isn’t complete until the last fit and finish is applied. We have close working relationships with the Region’s best contractors, fabricators, trades people, and craftspeople. Most clients take advantage of our extended inspection services, which typically amount to .5-1% of the overall construction costs.


Some of the most wonderful changes and adaptations to projects take place on the jobsite during construction. Observing the work as it is built represents another opportunity to make the work better and we can help to anticipate and resolve any site-specific issues….before they occur!

cost tracking

Ideally, we like to track the project costs through monitoring the Draw requests/ payments to the General Contractor. This tracking gives an added level of oversight and keeps us smarter in the decision-making process throughout construction. We recommend that all clients set aside a contingency of 8-10% of the projected construction costs for surprise, unknowns, and elected changes during construction. Mind you, no changes to the construction cost should occur without the proper Change Orders from the General Contractor and signatures from the client, but requested changes do occur. If you don’t use the contingency monies, you can buy that great furnishing for your new home!