A first meeting between a potential client and CF Design Ltd. is an opportunity to judge our ability to listen to and comprehend your interests and to communicate facts and our points of view regarding both your project and design in general. This is why we do not charge a fee for our first interaction. In all fairness, we are evaluating one another, each devoting time and energy to a new potential relationship. This initial discussion is your chance to learn more about the design process, the construction process, service and building costs, and to expand upon your understanding of the value of good design.

From Beginning To End

Great architectural projects start with well-understood sites or existing buildings. Choosing a building site that has the capacity to meet or exceed your expectations takes both a discerning and a creative eye. Finding a home that can embody the aesthetic, budgetary, and memorable qualities you desire, through architectural transformation, takes an equally perceptive review. A great start to a project has every chance of a great ending. At CF design ltd., we are happy to review your options on an hourly basis for land or buildings before you commit to a purchase. Trying to decide whether to relocate or remodel can take some "out of the box" creative thinking. Matching your goals and desires to exiting or potential homesites, for comparative purposes, is also an hourly service we can provide. These few hours could be the best dollars you ever spent.

Every project is unique, like every client, and CF Design Ltd will consult to identify your projects specific potential, from the very first decisions about location and place, exploring the possibilities of designing within existing or new land or structure.

Even Limited service can go a long way towards a satisfying project.