Now we can discuss, sketch, model, and draft the initial design possibilities for your home. The first draft is never perfect but it provides a great deal of “fodder” for further detailed discussion. There will be refinements, alternatives and revisits as we move towards rendering a detailed set of construction documents that’s contractors and fabricators will need to build your home efficiently and accurately.

your design program

The functional requirements of an architectural project are often described as the “Program”. Too often, these requirements are fixed and immutable. We prefer that our Programs be allowed to evolve over the life of a project. While we will start with real functional desires, objectives, and capacities, we will look for new opportunities and a range of experiences. The Program should change with evolving reviews of ideas between a client and a designer…an evolving Program reflects the spontaneity and unpredictability of creative minds---yours and ours—engaged through the life of the project.


We work with real models, not computer models. Sometimes, this will be a simple topographical mapping of your site, or simple massing proposals for your building form. More often, even beginning models are somewhat transparent and include suggestions of rooms and defined areas inside and out. Early models can also begin to express differences in building materials and are developed within the context of your site.


There is nothing like a good set of Construction Documents to bring out the best quality and efficient production in the builders and fabricators involved in your project. Creating this thorough set of drawings and Documents takes time; in fact, it takes the most time within the Design process, as it is a refining of the history of materials, aesthetics, and functions collected since Day One of the process. Accurate and detailed drawings include a range of finish details like cabinetry, stairways, and railing systems, electrical fixture positioning, and mechanical ventilation provisions, to name a few items.