Designing with and for water, a variety of degrees of privacy, clean performance and predictable functions, is at the heart of an engaging and successful bath or kitchen project. Understanding and implementing available and durable materials and equipment’s best suited to the tasks of showering or food preparation, for example, will make the difference between a comfortable experience and a chore. Most of our projects employ custom casework and cabinetry, with any number of interior specialties and surface materials. Functional beauty is in the seamless integration of exacting storage, well placed surfaces and the expressive assembly of memorable and well-detailed materials. New construction or remodeled, we're ready to take on your project and complete it in a manner that exceeds your expectations.

Transform Your Most Functional Spaces

At CF Design Ltd, we're ready to help you make your kitchens and baths more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, we will prescribe our work to be a well-detailed and durable installation. Products specified will be well researched and fully integrated, to work together beautifully and without concern regarding longevity and timelessness. For transformed spaces, we work to evaluate your current condition as a part of a larger whole and both preserve its singular importance and enhance its overall contribution to the function and appeal of your home.