Home is the place where inside and outside landscapes interact. A home offers a range of spaces that both buffer and enliven those within, in a manner fitting to the personalities of the occupants, within affordable resources. A home is both a gathering place and a retreat.

Every client, budget, and site presents a unique collection of possible design solutions. By exploring your sensibilities and your beliefs, we can transform your ideas about home into a spatially and texturally rich environment, balanced in contrasts and connections.

Good design provides for a healthier and happier life. It is an investment in your personal spirit and heart. It is also an investment in the creation of- YOUR building of - a proper and fitting place in the world. For many, it becomes a legacy to the next generation as an example of forward thinking and evidence of a vital and thoughtful life.

modern and historic perspective

We consider ourselves progressive people. We search for light and air, soothing comfort and tactile surfaces, beauty and simplicity, tangible relationships between inside and outside space, honest expression of materials and delight in details, and human scale spaces. Mostly, we search in our built work, for strong relationships between these components of good design. No matter the age of a project, whether contemporary or antique, well designed buildings have measures of all of these components. In this way, while we are Modernists, we are also Preservationists. There is really quite an indiscernible line between the two for us. When we approach remodeling projects in older homes, we look to re-present the best of the existing enlightened and novel detailing of the original age, within a fresh and innovative solution that is newly ahead of its time. The Modern and the Historic can coexist. It just takes respect for both.