Hawk and Songbird

Principles of living come to this project from the practice of Feng Shui—finding a balance within the natural world. First, the site must be prepared to embrace certain concepts. If there is inherent conflict, a process for forgiveness is performed and when the “place” is set for an exploration of interior and exterior relationships, the process of design can truly begin, fully aware of the flow of water across the land, the relationship of the site and environs to the cardinal directions, the form, and contours to be preserved and celebrated, and the overall flora and fauna. The project is a commemoration of daylighting, with forms and transparencies oriented to gather light for the specific activities of the day, and with intentional necklaces of circulation throughout the site and structure that engage the outdoors and provide a collection of interesting, playful, and contemplative spaces tuned to the individual characters of the Owners. This project is very specifically fit for the clients and the site.

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