our work

amity house

Woven into the woods on a restrictive site, this small three-bedroom home integrates itself into the hill just above the floodplain. Closeness and accessibility to the outdoors are achieved through ample daylight and honest use of durable, native materials.

beach sanctuary

This is an interiors build out of a new condo space, using the materials and character of the surrounding beach and cliffs on the Shore of Lake Superior, as a starting point for texture, color, and finish of a warm and cozy, very modern project, with the utmost craft and attention to detail.

culinary history

This project was an extensive remodel on a 1907 historic home located in Duluth, MN. The kitchen plays with bold, contrasting colors and materials, featuring carefully selected lighting, appliances and custom cabinetry.

flight pattern

This project is perched on the edge of a natural watershed, with forms designed to invite day light and a simultaneous sense of flight and shelter. Geo-thermally heated and overlooking its own pond and nature sanctuary, it uses materials selected to blend with the land and trees and has accessible outside spaces married to the functions and uses of adjacent interiors. As a house of two distinct courtyards- one north and one south- it draws very indistinct lines between inside and outside space.

island restyle

Located on Madeline Island, WI, this collection of added and remodeled spaces work to transform the existing cabin while accommodating the present language of the site. With a playful use of material, form and volume, the space becomes a vibrant blend of both modern and "cottage" aesthetics on the shores of Lake Superior.

riverfront jazz

This project is located on a flat sandy site along a Wisconsin river. Full of metaphor, like a vessel afloat under full sail, it virtually rolls across its site. Materials are rich in color and texture, with an outgoing personality and the riffs and attitude of a modern jazz composition. Much of the material, including the “reverse-truss”, with its boat hull skeleton, is re-purposed fir structure. There is the thirsty vessel of the master bedroom wing and the butterfly roof of the screen room, exploring the range of water‘s poetic qualities. This is a geothermal project.

saturated cabin

Originally a windowless brown box, with a dark, recessed entry, this project was conceived of as a joyful, acrobatic play of color and structure, transparent to a Lake Superior cliff beyond. A perfect reflection of its delightful Owners, it is an engaging performance at every turn.

suburban modern

With a very unique structure of fully concealed steel and laminated beams, the roof and aspen ceiling floats mysteriously above the interior built in‘s. A truly modern suburban home, with references to Do-Wop form and color, its open plan undulates freely within a field of clean and warm materials. This is as finely crafted project as it gets, with a sheltering and profound wood ceiling plane throughout and a diamond pattern roof seemingly tensioned into form like fabric on an armature.

the family forest

This project, which is built upon their own historic family forest site, is essentially 2 parallel structures, one sits on the natural grade and the other more private structure is lifted into the trees on sturdy legs, allowing views through the building at grade, to the bluff edge beyond. Linked by a simple transparent walkway, the 2 structures visually and physically engage the site and the pool wherever possible. The adult sleeping spaces, on both ends of the building, are lofty tree houses, where the rooms themselves act as canopies over the beds.

the grove

This is an extensive remodeling project, updating a project built in 1969, opening the building up to more daylight, softening the built form, and dissolving the divisions of interior spaces and updating the materials, for a more open and sophisticated plan.

the highlands

Placed just below a hilltop overlooking the Apostle Islands, this little collection of agrarian building forms perfectly sized for 2 people, very efficiently provides comfortable sleeping for up to 8-10 people, if needed, in a small footprint and a beautiful, tactile interior. The screen porch is one of the nicest spaces in the house and the project has a spectacular distant view. A very inventive river rock fireplace has become the signature of the project and the use of ancient kauri wood tops is visually stunning.

the lodge

A family lodge on a northern Minnesota lake combines timber frame, post and beam, and conventional framing for permanence, material honesty and richness, and remarkable craft. Much larger than it appears, at 6500 s.f., it is oriented perpendicular to lakeside for privacy, charm, and reduced scale. It accommodates 5 families in separate suites and many grandchildren in a long bridge, fit with rows of individual, private bunks.

the penthouse

A light filled penthouse condo build out overlooking Lake Superior has crisp lines and high contrast, balanced with simple and spare casework, cabinetry, and minimal materials. Looking to the northeast it has one of the most spectacular views in town.

the shorestead

A Japanese-inspired Finnish Farmstead on the shores of Lake Superior creates a group of courtyards between simple all-heart redwood structures connected by copper barrel vaults. This is a 3 courtyard house, with 3 different gardens held between the structures: one a Japanese shade garden, one a bulb garden, one a lakeside wild rose garden. The whole project on 17 acres lakeside, is a collection of structures and conditions that include a restructured fish house- now a writing retreat, a rehabilitated cabin- now a guest quarters, a “resting” bridge, and a network of stone pathways, all handicap accessible.

woodland retreat

This smaller project spans spaces between 2 hills and works with the whole site as it flows in and around the building. Each space relates to its position on the site in a unique and specific way, from a transparent bridge of living spaces fully within the trees and above the landscape to sleeping spaces and screen rooms brought quietly down to earth through the small, special events of daybeds, window seats, and curving ceiling planes.

reframing modern

“Anything but a white subway tile backsplash” was the first comment the clients made about aesthetics and materiality and it set the tone for the entire project.   The existing home was outdated and did not function well for the modern homeowner.  The floor plan was opened up to create a living space perfect for entertaining guests, yet intimate enough for two occupants.  Supporting spaces are frames for the respective activities.  Quality materials , introduced in a nontraditional manner, create an unexpected experience within the renewed life of a traditional rambler.

the forest within

Sheltering below a thick timber gable and reflecting a white pine shoreline, this small 4 bedroom family camp, sits serenely on the forest floor. Derived from historic northern farmstead form, the project is a simple and quiet tenant in the woods, where it seems to have always lived.