a home

A home is an opportunity to express values, point of view, desire, land and environment, ritual, tradition, and innovation. In short, home embodies our lifetimes and legacies. Good Design is the result of a meaningful process that works to knit together specific functional, aesthetic, ethical, cultural, and financial aspirations. Durable homes fit to their inhabitants and their land are enriching and engaging beyond expectation. They evoke a permanence to life, well lived and experienced…in the expression of their materials, their forms, and compatibility. At CF design, we want to work with you towards the home within your land you personify and deserve.

our work

Design is an investment in your personal spirit and heart – an investment YOUR proper and fitting place in the world. For many, a well-designed project becomes a legacy to the next generation as an example of forward thinking and evidence of a vital and thoughtful life.


our process

Design is activity — comparing physical and abstract ideas about space and form. Many of these ideas about home reside in learnings through discussions and observations about your life. We gain insight through the proposition of relationships — between spaces, materials, patterns and forms — considered simultaneously from high level detail to broad and reaching framework. Our procedures and methods are sharpened by experience in the constant honing of professional aptitude.


our services

Broadly ranging from complete architectural services through construction to hourly consultation, every project we consider strives to find a specific and tailored fit to both the site and the unique people who will call it home.

project design

Developing an understanding of individual character and particular environment are the primary generators of a fruitful design process. We model, we draw, we talk, we scheme and we conjecture – all to discover, encourage and extend the collective story of your family and your land. A home, after all, can be a lovely and pleasing teller of tales.


Conversation and plain observation can find relationships between physical or functional aspects of land or building or reveal emotional connections between spatial and material qualities in surroundings. These few hours can jumpstart a series of exciting possibilities for change, which is where design begins.