The Crossing

A large acreage site- slowly draining clay over sandstone- with exactly 2 small buildable highland sites far from the drive into the property, required a built solution that spans the 2, and allows for a clear path for site drainage to the lake and a view of shoreline and horizon upon arrival. Built amongst shallow-rooted birch, fir, and poplar, one foundation on a slight rise allowed for the raising of the living spaces above a garage space and into the treetops, where daylight is strongest. Another foundation into a hill lowered sleeping spaces into the grade, cozy and protected. The project is a linear arrangement of spaces public to private, along a stepping internal path with many landings. A series of rustic stone steps introduces entry to a largely transparent porch/ bridge of kitchen and dining. From there, the journey is a story of degrees of privacy and a choice of ground or sky.

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