The Highlands

Aside a hillside golf course, in a strong southern sun and a birds-eye view of Chequamegon Bay, this house is easy to live in. The biggest challenge of the project is to simultaneously take in the enormity of the site and views, while revealing the experience slowly, with intimate moments and a carefully controlled scale. This is a vacation home. The act of “getting there” is as important as “being there”. Here, a gravel drive ends in a concentrated garden, with wooden steps that meander to a raised front porch, well-crafted, textured, detailed and materially rich. Next to a projected window seat, married to the entry alcove with a heavy wooden timber, a fine hewn wood door and a sand cast handle lead across the threshold to an accommodating arrival alcove and bench. From there, the views of a Trulli-style fireplace and the landscape beyond, announce double doors to a large screen porch, complete with its own fireplace, overlooking the 15th hole.

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