Woodland Retreat

Built over a Col, between two hills, this is a Bridge-House. One end is an imitation of the hill beneath- an arc form – for gently nesting a main suite, guest and office spaces, a multi-use bath, sauna, and a screen room. The other end of the bridge- also a point of entry, is capped with a tower suite and a rooftop deck over an attached garage. The bridge itself is the heart of the house, with family spaces and back-to-back fireplaces, along with a large kitchen overlooking a stone patio and continuous garden below, running, like rainwater on the site, under the transparent bridge and down 4 acres of hilly and forested terrain. This was a building informed by its terrain to simply join two topographical features, while enhancing them with a light touch at grade and a subtle imitation of a canopy amongst tallest of red and white pines. The entry to the site was little changed from the existing condition, close to a steep bluff and providing just enough space to turn in and out of the garage. The site was carefully preserved.

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